Under Pressure

A lot of people have experienced a bad Sports Massage where they have laid face down on a couch and had a therapist cause discomfort and even pain with every massage stroke, so much so that they started to contract the muscles that were being worked on, defeating the whole point of the massage.

I have had this very experience but thought that it was “no pain, no gain” this is not normal and the massage therapist should have the skill to apply a pressure that is not causing pain or discomfort when applying general massage techniques.

The general massage stroke with the correct pressure should feel relaxing and pleasant. The therapist doesn’t want you to be in any discomfort as you may contract the very muscles that they are looking to relax and lengthen!

There are more advanced techniques that are applied for short moments where a lot more pressure maybe used or some stretching of very tight muscles may momentarily be sore, however for the vast majority of a treatment it should feel relieving, relaxing and within your pain threshold whatever that maybe.

My training at the London School of Sports and Remedial Massage was comprehensive and it has been accredited by BTEC as a Level 5 qualification which is just under a degree, so you will be in good hands when you come and see me for a treatment.

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Sports Massage is not just for Athletes

Sports Massage is not just for Athletes, its techniques can be applied to anyone. Whether we compete in sport or not, most of us endur the physical stresses of a job, family life or a busy active lifestyle.

What may be considered a ‘sports injury’ by some, may well be experienced by others in a non-sporting context as a consequence of underlying postural, occupational and general lifestyle factors.

Some of the most common areas people feel pain, discomfort and achiness are in their: back, neck and shoulders which I have great experience treating.

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