Treatments & Prices


Soft Tissue Therapy (aka Sports Massage) - £40 per hour

What to expect... The Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilition of a minor injury or chronic condition that's causing aches and pains. Whether its a top to toe check up, regular maintenance or a specific issue you want to address this is the right treatment for you. Click here to book online


Therapeutic Relaxation Massage - £40 per hour

What to expect.. Relax to some soft music and swedish massage techniques that are less firm so you can relax, drift off  and forget about the world. We encourage no talking from the therapist, unless you want to. Click here to book online


1:1 Pilates Tuition - £40 per hour (Discounts Available for bulk bookings).

What to expect... Mat Based Pilates with props like a gym ball, fitness circle, resistance bands and spiky balls to assist movements and to also increase the challenge where appropriate.

You may have a bad back, neck or shoulder and we can do rehab pilates to help rehabilitate the area or you may have no conditions but just want to move and get in shape without getting injured.

There is an emphasis on quality of movement and exploring the connections in your body to help functional movements, the most famous connection is the core connection.